Our Story

In the early 1980s, father-son duo Herbert 8 Robert Piller combined their marketing experiences with their love of the outdoors and started a company called Groline, which helped promote eco-f riendly causes with their Plant-a-Tree program and a live tree seedling promotion that helped plant over 12 million trees across the country. From there they continued to grow and become the go-to promotional company for trees, flowers, succulents, and all other things that are recycled and reusable.

After many years of success as one of the leading suppliers of eco-friendly promotional products for over fifteen years (and the only one dedicated 100% to green-friendly products), Robert decided to branch out on his own and take his passion of the outdoors and helping people to the next level by cultivating a unique selection of environmentally friendly products and thus EcoMarketing Solutions was born!

With retirement getting closer for Robert and the increased demand for eco-friendly promotional products, Robert has handed over the company to daughter Lauren, who is now putting a millennial spin on the whole business structure. With a new-age thinking process in place, we've made it our mission to find the most innovative eco-friendly products that our clients will enjoy and use for years to come and in doing so inherit a new sense of responsibility and respect for our planet.

With our extensive knowledge of the industry, unique products, and green vision of the future EcoMarketing Solutions has blossomed into a visionary company with no signs of slowing