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Starbucks’ Awards Winner of Contest for Reducing Paper Waste and Consumption

August 16th, 2010 No comments offers hundreds of custom printed biodegradable coffee cups The winner of a competition sponsored by Starbucks to gather ideas for reducing non-recyclable paper cup use isn’t even a cup at all, but a concept for encouraging customers to bring their own cups for possible free drinks.

The top four winners of their contest are all excellent ideas to reduce paper consumption, but only one was a reusable or biodegradable cup.

“We’re very interested in looking at the winning ideas and many of the other submitted ideas as we develop new solutions to reduce cup waste,” said Elise Chisholm, Starbucks spokesperson. “We haven’t yet had a chance to determine specific action plans. Increasing adoption of reusable cups – including travel tumblers and our own ceramic serveware – is definitely an important part of the equation for us.”

The Betacup competition offered a total of $20,000 for ideas that could eliminate paper cup consumption. Starbucks sponsored it as part of its efforts to only offer reusable or recyclable cups by 2015.

The winning idea was the Karma Cup, a simple concept for putting a chalkboard by the register at a coffee shop, having customers that use reusable cups make a mark on the board, and then giving a free coffee to every 10th customer that uses a reusable. This is a fun and creative idea – but be sure to move back toward the end of the line once you see the 10th person get their reward.

The three honorable mentions were: Read more…

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Strict Green Initiatives Set Forward By Business Community For a Change

November 29th, 2008 No comments

According to an article in ClimateBiz, such firms as Nike, Starbucks, Sun Microsystems, Levi Strauss & Co. and The Timberland Co. have created a organization, called Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy.

This group is trying to encourage and lobby for “aggressive new environmental policies based on a set of eight principles ranging from renewable energy requirements, a national greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system and the elimination of federal subsidies for fossil fuels.”

According to the article, BICEP’s principles include:
— Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020
— A nationwide greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system in which all emissions permits are auctioned off, not given away.
— Creating aggressive policies that will lead to a doubling of the energy efficiency improvement rate.
— A national renewable portfolio standard where 20 percent of electricity will be come from renewable sources by 2020; 30 percent by 2030.
— Investment in renewable energy and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies and the elimination of subsidies for fossil fuels.
— No more coal-fired power plants unless they use CCS technology, with a plan to eliminate existing plants without CCS by 2030.
— Boosting more efficient transportation in the form of plug-in electric and fuel-efficient vehicles, low-carbon fuels and transit-friendly development
— Creating green collar job investment

Let’s hope the Obama administration can be pro-active in encouraging most of BICEP’s goals, which seem reasonable. It is promising to see the business community trying to enact environmentally-friendly goals, as opposed to fighting legislation or delaying its implementation.

Businesses understand that a level playing field is in everyone’s interest, and the sooner these changes are implemented, the sooner costs of alternative energy and energy-efficient products will decline.

Let’s hope it is sooner, rather than later.

Robert Piller, President of Eco Marketing Solutions, has over 25 years of experience in running and implementing green marketing campaigns and is a leader in the recycled promotional products industry, including offering one of the largest selections of reusable and organic tote bags, recycled and biodegradable water bottles, recycled pens and pencils in the country.

His company’s website,, features over 25,000 eco-friendly promotional items in all price ranges, for any business or organization interested in going green. The site’s handy search tool helps you easily find biodegradable, organic and recycled imprinted promotional items in your price range and time frame.

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