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Benefits of Organic Cotton in Clothing

August 6th, 2010 No comments

Benefits of using organic cotton in your promotional tees and t-shirtsI just read a great article, From Seed to Shirt, in Wearables, an industry magazine, which described in detail how organic cotton clothing is made.   The article describes how organic cotton is grown, harvested, processed and turned into shirts. I have uploaded the article here, so everybody can learn about the specifics.

I sell a great deal of organic shirts, caps and hoodies with clients’ logos, and many times have to justify the price differential in comparison with ordinary cotton. Today, in fact, organic cotton costs approximately $1.20 per pound vs. 90 cents per pound for ordinary or conventional cotton… and it will be a while before the price differential evens out.

Currently, organic cotton represents only about 1% of the world’s cotton supply, but this percentage is seeing a strong increase as customers are beginning to demand organic materials as they get back to nature.

Hopefully your organization will trend towards organic and other eco-friendly materials in your daily use, as well as in your promotional use. As demand for organic clothing grows, prices will surely drop.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow, today.

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