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Earth Day Marketing: How Are You Communicating Your Green Message?

April 6th, 2011 No comments

Earth Day promotion ideasEarth Day is just 2 weeks away and many marketers are still scrambling to find a last minute effort to come up with their Earth Day campaigns.

In fact, my phone has been ringing off the hook for the past three days (and nights…I just finished a phone call at 8:30 P.M. with a client in Massachusetts) with clients looking for last minute eco-friendly promotional ideas for their outreach programs.

Putting your name and logo on recycled promotional items is great.  I would not be able to stay in business without it, nor I would have chosen it as my profession if I did not believe strongly in them.

That being said, my questions to most of these callers are:

1. What is The Goal of Your Earth Day Message?

  • Are you looking to change behaviors?
  • Are you trying to change the public’s perception of your organization?
  • Are you looking to educate the public–as sort of a public service or outreach campaign?

All three of these agendas require a different mareting message.  Make sure your message matches your goals.

2. Can You Back Up Your Message With Deeds and Achievements?

  • As they say in my home town of Austin, Texas, are you “talking the talk–or walking the walk”?
  • Did you just wake up this morning thinking that you had to do something green for Earth Day?
  • Did your boss call you in for a meeting and declare that you will be participating in an Earth Day event–and this is all news to you?
  • Or has your organization been planning your green agenda for many, many months and Earth Day is a natural extension of your marketing mix?

3) How are You Planning to Communicate Your Goals, Message and/or Agenda?

  • Will you be using social media?
  • Will you be giving a speech?
  • Will you be exhibiting at a community Earth Day event?

Hopefully, if you are truly a green company, the answer is all three.

According to the 2011 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker, consumers do not expect companies to be saints. A full three-quarters (75%) say it is okay if a company is not environmentally perfect—as long as it is honest and transparent about its efforts.

My advice: Be real. Don’t fake it.

Happy Earth Day.
Robert Piller, experienced in green marketing campaigns and recycled promotional products, has worked to help plant over 25 million trees through his live tree seedling gift program over the past dozen years. His company’s website,, features over 25,000 eco-friendly promotional items in all price ranges, for any business or organization interested in going green. The site’s handy search tool helps you easily find biodegradable, organic and recycled imprinted promotional items in your price range and time frame.

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