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Shame on Apple for Its Decision to Be Less Green

July 11th, 2012 No comments

Apple chooses to take several products off the EPEAT registry

Editor’s comment: In less than 48 hours after this report and others like it, Apple reversed this decision and has decided to re-join the EPEAT standard system. Thank you to all the green activists out there to help Apple make this decision.


Austin, Texas Apple’s recent removal from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry has sent shock waves through the green community.

According to an article in ReadWrite, “Apple devices have become increasingly difficult to take apart for service and recycling. The company has removed 39 of its products from a global registry of environmentally friendly devices. The move may prevent the company’s hardware from being purchased by a wide variety of customers – including the U.S. federal government.”

Apple has chosen to be less environmentally friendly as a business decision. speculates that “.. it may be about another kind of green: the kind on dollar bills. By preventing Apple devices from being easily disassembled for repair, the company encourages more participation in its AppleCare support program, which includes global repair coverage, and AppleCare+, which includes repair and replacement coverage.

Either way, it gets more people coming in to Apple’s support program, through its retail stores or authorized repair partners, rather than self-repairs – which generate less or even no additional revenue for the company.”

Corporate leaders such as Apple should do more to increase its recycling rate and to enforce green standards by its vendors- not less.

People should be outraged and question this company about why it has taken these less green-friendly stance.

Perhaps this will create an opportunity for Dell, Samsung and HP to leapfrog Apple by coming out with more eco-friendly versions of their devices.

That will open them up to more government business and to thise more environmentally savvy.

Choosing to be less green as a business model. Shame on Apple.


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