About The Author

Robert Piller, President of Eco Marketing Solutions, helps businesses and organizations that are “going green” to promote their brands utilizing environmentally-friendly imprinted promotional products, such as recycled tote bags,  biodegradable water bottles, writing instruments, journals and more.  These eco-friendly marketing and branding programs are designed to improve the impact of a company’s image, create sales, ensure repeat business and a continuous stream of referrals.

Since 1984, Robert Piller has been a leader in the promotional marketing industry, working with select clients as varied as Fortune 500 companies, government institutions, non-profit organizations, NGO’s, military, retailers and others, helping to increase their market share and boost profitability, while improving outreach and awareness for green marketing efforts.

Eco Marketing Solutions carefully vets their products to select only those that are made from recycled materials, created from biodegradable ingredients, grown organically, are reusable or recyclable or can grow. These products are all available for branding with a company logo, slogan, message or imprint…all done to the highest quality and standards.

He is a frequent writer and guest speaker on green marketing issues and trends.

Robert Piller has been promoting eco-consciousness as a way of life for businesses since the late 1980’s and he is happy to see the rest of the country is finally catching “green fever”.

His slogan is “Let’s make Every Day, Earth Day.”

You can view his website at www.ecomarketingsolutions.com and read and comment on his blog, GreenSpotBlog.com.

Robert Piller can be reached at robert@ecomarketingsolutions.com.

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