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Is Your Logo Design Costing You Sales?

Your Logo may need updating if it doesn't portray your image properlyNew Survey Says 41% of Americans Don’t Trust Companies with Logos They Don’t Like

Austin, Texas: I came across this recent survey that shows that consumers place a great value on the look of a business’ logo design.

Granted, the survey was done by The Logo Company, a company that designs logos for a living.

 However, they had some interesting results:

1)  41 percent said that they didn’t trust companies and brands whose logos they didn’t like.

2)  32 percent of those polled said that they wouldn’t buy or use anything from a company or brand whose logo they didn’t like.

3) 63 percent said they wouldn’t trust or buy from a company with a bad logo because it made the brand look “cheap” if they had a badly designed logo.

4) When asked to state the main reason they chose a new brand of product, a majority of those polled, 59 percent, said it was the packaging, while 38 percent said it was the logo.

5) When asked what they thought made a good logo, 44 percent of people said they liked it to look “simple,” while 41 percent thought “color” was more important.

Poor sales?  Maybe blame your logo. Sure beats blaming yourself or your marketing and sales team.

But, perhaps there is some truth in the fact that your logo can build trust and shape perceptions of your company.

What does your logo say about your brand?

Is it time to re-visit your logo design?

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Robert Piller, President of Eco Marketing Solutions, has over 25 years of experience in running and implementing green marketing campaigns and is a leader in the recycled promotional products industry, including offering one of the largest selections of reusable and organic tote bags, recycled and biodegradable water bottles, recycled pens and pencils in the country.

His company’s website, EcoMarketingSolutions.com, features over 25,000 eco-friendly promotional items in all price ranges, for any business or organization interested in going green. The site’s handy search tool helps you easily find biodegradable, organic and recycled imprinted promotional items in your price range and time frame.

You can also reach him by email (robert (at) ecomarketingsolutions.com) or comment on his blog postings at GreenSpotBlog.com or below at his Twitter link.

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